Context – Printing

I’m having trouble reading this year.  I can’t seem to focus on books or reading long enough to finish a thing.  It’s starting to really bum me out, but I have a sure-fire way of getting back in the saddle.

I’m going to re-read the Harry Potter series.  For what must be the 15th time.  People start to roll their eyes or get a bit flustered when I tell them this, but I have my strategies and they work for me.

I’m the target demographic for these novels.  Or at least I was.  I must have been in Middle School when the first book came out–I remember my grandmother gave me …and The Sorcerer’s Stone and gave my brother …and The Chamber of Secrets.  I read them both and eagerly awaited the next installment of the series.

So before every subsequent release, I would re-read the series up to that point.  Which means by the time … and The Deathly Hallows came out I was on my (at least) 5th read for some of these books.

Ever since then whenever I find myself in times of trouble, Harry Potter comes to me speaking words of comfort (sarcastically).

When in a rut I’ll grab a copy (because I obviously own several) of …and The Sorcerer’s Stone and absolutely crush it.  Get a win under my belt and relive the magic of my middle school years.

After that I’ll take my time, read a few more books, and then when I find reading to be a chore again, I hit my psyche with …and the Chamber of Secrets, getting another victory under my belt, carrying the momentum forward.

This pattern continues through …and The Prisoner of Azkaban, but by the time I get to …and The Goblet of Fire I find I’m usually all-in, spending a week or two devouring the rest of the series, finding something new and surprising to cry about (a couple of years ago it was the death of the Nimbus 2000… I may have been working through some other emotions as well, who knows).

I’m excited to see what this year’s read has in store for me.  I also wonder if or when I’ll find a new way to keep my reading momentum moving forward.  Until then, it’s time to practice my swish-and-flick while reading about some goblin rebellion or another.

Oh, I also listened to a Moon Taxi album.  I’m apparently stumbling into every version of Vampire Weekend that exists in the multi-verse.  I still prefer Vampire Weekend.