Context – de-cluttering instead of de-packing

In the name of keeping Emo Spring alive a bit longer, my wife and I chose tonight of all nights to do a round of decluttering in our lives, focusing on books, knick-knacks, and other chotchsky’s that we’ve accumulated over the years.  It was quite therapeutic, I’m ready to start the day anew–refreshed and ready for anything.

While my wife was re-arranging our books, I put some new tires on my bike, downsizing from 700x40c tires to 35c.  It took longer than I thought, but I’m excited for new tires.  I also got a new bike bag to hold some snacks and my tools, so I’m that much closer to take-off for my light tour to Madison.

Going against the grain of the extended Emo Spring, while being so productive we listened to the most gangster group of gypsy punks to ever tour the Midwest, Golgol Bordello.  These guys are forever rad, and have been since “Start Wearing Purple”.  We see them at Riot Fest as often as they grace us with their presence.

If gypsy folk punk sounds appealing to you, then you probably already know about this band.  If you’ve been living under a gypsy punk rock, then get on it, they’re whatever bees have in place of knees.  If you don’t like the sound of gypsy punk well then go listen to that new Katy Perry album or something.  Kesha has some righteous hits out these days.  Maroon 5 is probably still a thing people will dance to.  I don’t know, man, you do you.