Context – procrastinating

But I can feel something bubbling to the top.  It’s on the precipice of roaring out of me like the blood from a botched sword-swallowing.

That or I’m in a slump of mild depression and have no interest in life.  I can always tell I’m in a slump depending on how many Minimalism how-to’s I consume on YouTube.

I am my own Jones’s that I have to keep up with though, I can’t stop won’t stop.

I also thought it would be fun if I converted this blog into a twitter feed where I just emoji react to albums.  Seems like it would be fun.

In the mean time, this album is some pretty fresh instrumental music.  Polyphia have long since transitioned from metal based riffs to groove based riffs.  I dig this change.  While not as aggressive a shift as their single “LIT” promised, The Most Hated is still well dug into its own grove.

Ugh.  One day I’ll shake this funk off.  That day may be January 1st, 2018.  But one day I will shake this off.