Context – creating a bullet journal

Because I’m a sucker for YouTube tips on organization.  I’ve been feeling untethered at work lately, and this should help me manage my ever-evolving to-do list.  I only hope I left enough space for everything.

While I was doing that I was fueling my latent aggression by indulging in some good-old-fashioned hardcore.  Not like too old fashioned, as much as I respect Black Flag I find their recording quality to be all but disqualifying in terms of my ability to sit through an album.  But Bane seems to keep the torch lit, or at least they did in 2001.  More aggressive than most punk, not as melodic as metal, all the anger and frustration of both, hardcore fucking rules.

Shout out to those Atticus compilations from Hot Topic for initially introducing me to Bane by way of “Some Came Running”, which will forever have a place in my heart.