Context – getting ready for dinner

Man if ever I was going to get into some smooth jazz this would be where I start.  He’s just so damn flavorful and tasteful in his approach to the genre that I can’t even be mad that this is little more than hyped-up elevator music, if such a thing can be transcended at all.

Speaking of transcendental, a conversation about what constitutes a Reuben may have introduced my friends to deconstructive, post-structuralist thought ala Derrida’s notion of différance, which essentially boils down to language’s definitions being the fluidity between a sign differing and deferring against that which it signifies.  It is not enough to say that a chair is a single-person four-legged sitting apparatus with a back, but that it is not a single-person four-legged sitting apparatus without a back, a floor-level apparatus with a back, or a multi-person four-legged sitting apparatus.  A chair is a chair because of all the things it isn’t.

Or all the things she said.  Like “damn this new Kamasi Washington album is surf’s up!”  If she didn’t say that then you should probably re-evaluate your relationship to her.  I’m not saying do anything drastic, but put some serious thought into what goes into that “Pro” column to counteractive this major, major “Con”.

Food and music instill such passions in us, for you do not know how you feel about a burger until someone asks you if it is a sandwich.  You do not know how you feel about acid-jazz until you compare it against bebop.  That’s why definitions are so complex, because for as steeped in conventions a thing is, it is simultaneously wholly unique and onto itself, and nobody puts baby in the corner.

You know what does go in the corner?  A nice comfy chair, in which you can enjoy a nice Reuben while listening to this new Kamasi Washington joint.  It will sooth your soul.  And if it doesn’t you probably aren’t equipped with one, and you should reconsider your mission to execute John Connor.  It’s not too late to have the humanity directive uploaded into your brain.  I hear Kamasi Washington will help act as a stimulant and kickstart the process for you.