Context – finishing my guitar mods

I think, just maybe, I’ll be done with my guitar mods tonight.  Just gotta wait for the finish to dry on an extension to a pickup cavity I sanded away, a few screws, and a re-string and everything should be good to go.  I’m STOKED.

I’m a little nervous though, because when plugged into my little practice amp to make sure the pickups got signal, shit was noisey as hell.  We’re going to learn a lesson here in a bit when I plug into my main amp and throw an overdrive or two in front of everything.  Gonna be yuge.

In unrelated news, Miley Cyrus has joined the Kesha’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world and gone for a more stripped down, Americana-centric approach to song-writing on her newest album, Younger Now.  This is an exciting idea, because if you’ve ever heard her cover of “Jolene” you know she was born for this style of music.  Stunner shades required for viewing cause that shit shines brightly.

However I found the execution lacking.  Maybe it’s because I was never really a Miley fan, or because Kesha and Gaga did it so damn well on their albums, or because this doesn’t feel like an earnest enough effort, but this just seems to fall flat.  It was very unexciting.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being too harsh, but I couldn’t get into it.  Maybe I need to give a less distracted listen.  Or maybe I’m picking up on a thinly veiled attempt to stay relevant by copying other’s approaches without really committing to the cause.

Which is a bummer, because on paper this is a thing I could get behind.  Instead I’m just kind of like “blah”.

You know what’s not blah?  A Telecaster bridge pickup in my Stratocaster.