Context – showering

Tonight I have an event I don’t really want to go to but it’s for a good cause and have already confirmed my spot so it would be weird to back out now.  A few of my friends will be there, but my wife is sick and so I want to play sick too (aka shirk all my social obligations without actually feeling bad).  I like my friends, but 2017 has been brutal for my social life.  In the best-worst possible way.

You know what I’m looking forward to?  Halloween.  We usually get invited to three parties, but this year we’re going to be turning all of them down.  The only thing on our schedule is a nap and hopefully a viewing of Hocus Pocus.  Or maybe Practical Magic.  Or, and this gets my vote, Halloween Town.  That would be rad.

Not quite as exciting as my prospects for next weekend, but only just barely falling short, is this here Margo Price album.  She’s super good at the country music thing that I don’t do enough of, probably because I only know of like her, Sturgil Simpson, and a handful of others whose names all escape me.  If you like country, folk, or just plain good music, give this a go.

Even if you don’t.  Might learn something new about yourself.