Context – Grocery shopping

I did not know that people still made dub-step in 2017, and as such feel woefully under-prepared to talk about this.  So instead I’m going to talk about my guitar for a while.

About a year / year-and-a-half ago I did the thing we all seem to do and got a MIM Fender Stratocaster off Craigslist, and already there was work to be done. It was covered in some sort of acrylic paint, so I had to scrub that off, and after watching a few videos on the Andertons channel, I decided I wanted a Clapton mid-boost circuit, despite caring little for Clapton. So I had one of those installed as well.

As anyone who knows more than I did can attest, the noise from the mid-boost was unreal, so I finished the mod by installing some Lace Gold Pickups as well. All was well until the battery died, at which point I vowed to never use battery-powered electronics in my guitar again.

My newest mod was to put a telecaster pickup into my strat, which had it’s own frustrations. The pickup doesn’t fit in the bridge cavity, so I had to take a wood file to it in order to extend the cavity. Then I learned the Squire pickguard I had lying around was 1 screw off from my MIM body.

I also did a wiring mod, replacing the 5-way with a 3-way (bridge/neck/both), and turned the second tone pot into a middle-pickup-blend. However, I didn’t notice that I wired my pots wrong (needed both volume and mid-blend on to hear anything) until I already used my last pack of strings.

Now it’s finally complete! And by complete I mean my tone knob is isn’t working, but everything else is as should be. I don’t use my tone knob anyway, so I’ll just wait until I wear these strings out and take a poke when I next restring the thing.

I love this guitar so much. My Airline Map is by most accounts a nicer guitar, but this is the one that I’m taking to the grave with me.