Context – writing

Wanted to keep investigating some fresh emo, so this sophomore project from Emo Spring darlings Sorority Noise seemed like a good idea.  It mostly lived up to my expectations.

I think there’s this extra x-factor in You’re Not as ____ as You Think that puts it above this album, but I will say that I like the more traditional song-structure here.  As much as I appreciate the deviations on their latest record in the abstract, I find it endlessly frustrating that songs like “No Halo” end after only two choruses, or that “Disappeared” doesn’t really revisit my favorite parts of the songs (that I had assumed were the chorus on first listen).

Despite that slight advantage, this album neither goes for the throat in the same way or provides as varied a song-writing approach.  Most songs on Joy, Departed are straightforward emo songs, with few ballads or moments of extra aggression.  That variance is part of why I loved YNA_AYT, but again most of what they present on this album works for me.

I don’t know how often I’ll come to this before any of the other albums of Emo Spring, but it’s good to know that the band is consistently decent-to-good, which means I have little to no reason to be suspect of whatever the future holds in store for them.

Although I’m not-so-secretly hoping the Old Gray members put out another project under that moniker before they do more Sorority Noise stuff.  Both bands are great, but Old Gray fits a more nuanced hole in my heart.