Context – shaking off 2017

Another year, another attempt at chipping away the chaff in favor of finding the good stuff underneath.  In the words of the hippy memes by which I structure my life: “we are not becoming new versions of ourselves but rather discovering the true versions of ourselves” (as poorly quoted from my wife telling me about the new Yoga With Adrienne 30-Day Challenge).

What does that mean for the blog?  In an effort to unclog the landing page with poorly worded exclamations of being too busy for this, I am limiting my “actual” reviews to two (2) each week.  Maybe if I’m feeling squirrely I’ll do more than two.  Hopefully never less.

I’ll still be listening to an album every day, posting my more glib responses to Twitter, which is really where they belong.  So follow me on the thing or something.

I decided to kick off the New Year by going back to something previously neglected in my life with Piebald’s We Are the Only Friends We Have.  I was building my party playlist for our New Year’s Eve Party and Piebald’s “American Hearts” came up as a suggested addition, which reminded me that this band exists.  Before today Piebald sat firmly in the “I heard a song or two on a mix-tape and loved it but never remembered to buy an actual album” category.

Given their aesthetic lives between punk and emo, it’s surprising to me that I was sixteen years late to this party, but it’s good to know it’s more or less still raging.  By which I mean Piebald rocks.

Let’s make 2018 rock as hard as Piebald.  Or maybe even harder, Gods be willing.