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Langhorne Slim – Lost at Last, vol. 1 (2017)

Context - gaming I knew this was going to be a folksy Americana country kind of deal, but it was way more country than I thought it would be.  Can't tell if that makes it more or less hip...

Petit Biscuit – Presence (2017)

Context - gaming I finally finished The Newsroom and am still sad about it so I'm having a hard time concentrating on this album.  It was kind of groovy, though.

School of Rock (the Musical)

Context - at the show The movie was better, but the kids were still mighty impressive.  All in all not my favorite musical.  I miss Jack Black.

tides. – hoodie season [side a] (2017)

Context - on the train ride home Apparently Spotify mis-represented this album, because in looking for the artwork it would appear that this is not just an album by tides., but rather a split LP with Oofoe.  I just looked... Continue Reading →

Keeno – All the Shimmering Things (2017)

Context - burnin' out Taking on extra writing was a terrible idea.  I mean it feels good to be back in the saddle, but my motivation on this project is nil.  I have a couple of proposed solutions bouncing around... Continue Reading →

Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial (2016)

Context - gaming This album is really good! 5/7 A+ would recommend on Yelp.

This Will Destroy You – Another Language (2017)

Context - writing This is going to be my context for a while now, y'all.  Get used to it! Writing to music with words gets in the way of the word-crafting, so I went to the first ambient band I... Continue Reading →

Anti-Flag – American Fall (2017)

Context - gaming I never was super into these guys, but into them enough that they were my first concert.  I will always have a soft spot for "Spaz's House Destruction Party", "Die for Your Government", and "New Army", but... Continue Reading →

Sorority Noise – Joy, Departed (2015)

Context - writing Wanted to keep investigating some fresh emo, so this sophomore project from Emo Spring darlings Sorority Noise seemed like a good idea.  It mostly lived up to my expectations. I think there's this extra x-factor in You're... Continue Reading →

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