Context – driving home

I almost forgot to write this, and it’s well past my bedtime on a school night.  And what a night it was.

This album is pretty good.  It’s very much a tribute to the 80s, and being a proper 90s kid I love the 80s, especially when VH1 presents them.

To all the pop-punk bands trying to make pop-rock music in their later years, take note of how it’s done from someone who knows what they’re doing.  This album has all the hooks and all the groove without any of the conflicted musical identity or disappointment.  Maybe it’s because Bleachers has always been pop-rock and has never pretended to be anything else, but I give this so much more of a pass than I did All Time Low’s newest album.

Give it a spin and tell me if it fits into your day to day, what’d you say?