Context – the live show

Ok so it wasn’t really a soundtrack, I just went to see The King and I with my wife because that’s how we do.

Compared to other musicals I’ve seen, this is most “musicaly” musical I’ve seen live yet.  Rent is full of rock-n-roll and is more operatic, Mama Mia! is a juke-box musical full of Abba songs and joy, and Stomp is really it’s own thing.  Being a Rogers and Hammerstein play I’m not sure what I expected.

Also being a R&H musical, it had a very Sound of Music plot: schoolteacher sent to a powerful and difficult man to teach his children and in the end everybody learns a thing or two.  The ending here wasn’t my favorite.

But the production was stellar–probably the best set I’ve ever seen in a play, superb costumes, and the performances were stellar.  The dancing in these things never ceases to amaze me, either.

We got home super late and I promptly fell asleep so sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday.  Except I’m not really that sorry because this was awesome, and sleep was awesome, so we had an awesome time with our awesome friends doing awesome shooters surrounded by our awesomeness.  Be jealous.