Context – not paying attention to my life

I had every intention of listening to one of their new albums, because I forgot these guys were still making music.  I was surprised to see them on some recommended or Summer Jamz or something playlist, because I wouldn’t associate them with summer or jamz of any kind really.

I couldn’t remember which of their albums I used to listen to a lot, and after a quick perusal of Dreaming Out Loud I remembered that this was the album I was looking for.

So many memories associated with this thing.  Nebulous, imprint based memories that have less specificity to them while maintaining all of their emotional weight.  Songs like “Stop and Stare” and the opening track, “Say (All I Need)” bring the feels hard.  And the big hit, “Apologize”.  Woof.  What a track.

I decided to give this a re-listen since it’s been a few years.  And boy-howdy was it worth it.  I’m going to annoy my wife by bringing this back into steady rotation for a bit this week, just to push a few buttons.

The downside to all this reminicilin is I totally ran out of time to listen to one of their newer albums.  So today I decided to just write this.

“But Jason, it’s only 3:39.  What do you mean you’re out of time?”  I’m glad you asked, me.  My brother and our friend are coming over tonight for some Magic: The Gathering, and I have a strict 9:30 bed time to avoid burnout the week before I’m marrying my friends over the weekend.  So you know, priorities.