Context – at work, as per usj

Last night on my bike ride home I saw my former boss walking to a bus or train or something, however she gets home.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t live in the downtown part of the city, as very few people actually do.  I debated turning around to say hello, but seeing as I was shirtless at the time I figured it might not be the best impression I wanted to make.  Also I have no idea if she liked me much as an employee.

Reunions and chance encounters are weird like that.  Despite how much may have changed since I was at my last job, I’m still insecure about who I used to be, even just a year ago.  The price you pay for being on a constant path to self-improvement is that when you reach milestones you may or may not be happy with where you are or where you used to be.

I used to be hella into Nu-Metal for a bit there in middle school and part of high school.  I proudly rocked those first few Limp Bizkit albums.  I sang a Papa Roach song (like they have more than one song… jokes) at a talent show thing.  Korn was more my friends’ jam, but I didn’t turn their songs off, either.

And then Linkin Park hit the ground running with Hybrid Theory, although I always preferred their album of remixes that followed, but either way this band was as big to me as I understand Nirvana to be to the generation before me (although context clues have since corrected me, Nirvana is obviously the bigger and better band).

I don’t really listen to this music anymore, having moved on to shades of punk and metalcore instead.  I’m an emo-kid through and through, but I don’t deny that I once bought a Nickleback album in earnest.  So it still came as a bit of a shock today when I learned that Chester Bennington took his own life today.

2016 was a mega year for celebrity deaths, but 2017 isn’t going down without a fight either.  Pour one out for your dead homies.

You aren’t supposed to talk bad about the dead, so I’ll just say Chester still sounds much the same on this new project, even if nothing else sounds even a little like Linkin Park here.  Skip this and listen to Meteora or that album with the Jay-Z remixes in memoriam instead.